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A Day with Selina Lake

Updated: Feb 28, 2020

Last Summer a very lovely friend of mine from 'Rylands, Peters & Small' asked if i'd be interested in Selina Lake coming along to style my workshop aka garden studio for her new book "Shed Style" ..... obviously the answer was Yes!

Dates were set & a few weeks later Selina arrived along with her props & buckets of beautiful flowers she had grown from her garden & joining her was her lovely photographer 'Rachel Whiting.'

They happily styled & faffed away whilst I looked on from my kitchen eating pastries & enjoying being part of the wonderful world of media & styling that I love to read about.

At the end of the shoot, Rachel showed me some of her lovely shots to which I couldn't believe they were of my garden & of the studio that my long suffering hubby lovingly built for me with blood, sweat & tears .... he'll tell you thats what caused his tennis elbow (no comment)!

In February a lovely early preview of the book fell through my letterbox & excitedly I grabbed a cuppa & enjoyed seeing my lovely cabin in print & reading about so many other wonderful garden sheds, studios, summer houses etc and with so much inspiration filling my head, that my other neglected shed became the target of my next adventure to which you can read more about on my next blog due out in March with a little help from my friends.

But until then pop across to amazon & get your copy of Selina's book ... 'Shed Style' ... but beware .... it may just start you off giving your own shed a makeover!

Look forward to seeing you in all March with a new look for my unloved shed

with lots of Inspo for new inspired planting & design ideas

'Potting up your spring plants'

The Home & Vintage Way

See you then Love Jules x

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