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'The Flower Shed' Makeover Part 1

With a little bit of time on my hands last week, the sun Was shining so I decided that my attention was much needed in the garden.

First on my agenda was my little unloved shed which sat in the corner of my garden which had originally been used for painting furniture & now mainly being used as a dumping ground, which although handy for storage of stock, it wasn't being used to its full potential.

Every time I would go in there I would have to empty it so I could get something out or try and make space to put more in .... so enough was enough .... it was shed make over time.

My other lovely building in the garden, which we had built a couple of years ago took centre stage & my old unloved little shed in the corner looked on longingly to be the star once more.

With a sunny aspect in the morning this little shed was in a prime spot to be made into a room to be used & to sit with a cup of tea whilst potting some flowers, but I never quite got round to it as life was always so busy.

So now being the perfect time with lots more time on our hands me & Ted (new h&v recruit) set about emptying it one fine sunny morning.

& When I said me & Ted, what I meant was ..... Ted stole everything I put outside & ran of with it ...... So it took a lot longer than planned!!

But with lots cleaning & ruthless clearing out, we had a lovely empty space to make way for what was to be my new 'Flower Shed' .... a space to make wreaths, pot plants & seeds & generally flower Phaff until my Hearts content without dirtying my nice clean studio or kitchen table .... to which mr l was pleased about this ...... and I think you'll agree it looks a lot better than it did .....

Using an old server as a counter with useful drawers & cupboards, it not only bought the old authentic look I longed for but it also was a fantastic piece to store away all my tools & seeds etc plus adding lots of old vintage pieces adding the charm that my little flower shed needed.

So with a little bit of determination & maybe not a puppy helping .... you can achieve something a little bit lovely at the bottom of your garden ...

give it a go & don't forget to show me the results :-)

in the meantime if you need more shed Inspo on bringing your outdoor building to life then do pop over to Amazon and order Selina Lakes 'Shed Style' where you can see my garden studio where me & Ted work from most of the time :-)

See you all over the next few weeks for part 2 in 'The Flower Shed' makeover with a few virtual taster workshops on painting your own furniture including some updates on the flooring & furniture .... plus how to make a sign for the front ... don't forget to subscribe so you don't miss out on getting involved over the coming weeks

Have a great week

Love Jules xx

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