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The Month of Change

Since the last time I posted, the world is quite a different place.

Our Towns are quiet, streets are empty apart from the odd car here & there.

With the odd jogger or cyclist taking their permitted hours exercise, walkers, some with dogs who are desperate to run free but are not allowed as their owners are worried just in case they go too near others.

Waves of hello & smiles of acceptance to passers by knowing this is a must to keep our distance because as long as we take these precautions, then the sooner we will be able to roam free, with dogs off their leads running through sunny fields & happily socialising with others once more.

But until then our freedom remains restricted & with an eery sense of uncertainty like we have never know before in our lifetime, we cling onto the fact we are all in this together & appreciate technology so we can keep in touch with friends & family, longing for the days we can all meet back up again & give each other a huge hug & appreciating every single day like never before.

So with every day getting a step nearer back to normality, we aim to keep ourselves busy & do anything we can to keep our minds from wondering & help the time pass by quicker.

With this in mind DIY seems to have been the go to for most of us with decoration of our homes & gardens planning for the spring & summer months ahead.

Before the lockdown, DIY shops were flooded with people buying paint just in case the inevitable happened & were all trapped inside without anything to do .... husbands all over the country sat quivering, knowing their to do list of unfinished jobs were looming & their fate was sealed.

Others chose the garden centres to stock up on bulbs & spring plants & seeds as the forecast looked good so jobs outside was on their to do list.

This was my plan as we had done so much work last year & still had borders left to fill & a shed to make over left to do ......... well that was my plan .... Mr L mumbled on he had more important jobs to do ... like Mulch!!!!

So mulching for him indoors & a shed make over for me ....... And that is where you'll find me next ..... In the little blue shed

I Hope you can join me

in the meantime Keep safe & well my friends

Love Jules xx

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